**Due to a copyright issue the whole video is not currently available…maybe someday it’ll come back, but for now here is the commercial for the episode**

In October of 2010, I was dropped off in the bay area with no actual home and very little money. I knew the city (SF and Oakland) well from several visits within the past years but this time I wanted to give living here a go. No place has ever felt like home to me the way this city did.

I was broke, idealistic, full of energy and eager to make a difference in my new community. And since broke meant I was also hungry, I knew i needed to find cheap and/or free food. But the lovely thing about big cities is the huge amount of resources that are constantly available… if you’re willing to look for them.

Having worked with several different Food Not Bombs crews in my travels up and down the west coast I knew this was the first place I should look. With hardly any research at all I found the SFFNB website and emailed each cooking group to see who needed an extra set of hands. The Thursday chapter ended up being the most responsive so I showed up one day and was sucked into a beautiful whirlwind that changed my life forever.

This video clip was being shot on the night that I arrived and aired the next spring. My (new at the time) friend Irish pushed me up to the front as we were sharing the food and told me “you’re going to be the new face of Food Not Bombs”. Luckily that face ended up being more my friend Katie then mine, but i was in a few shots and I had a really wonderful time. From this moment on I was hooked, to the community, to the awesome food, the amazing kitchen we cooked out of and all of the beautiful friends I was making.

This video does a beautiful job of showing what we do and how we do it. I am very proud to be a part of this and I hope it inspires others to give back to the communities (all around us) that need love, support and food as a right and not a privilege.